Friday, October 12, 2007

A walk around town

A view of my store, the store is on the bottom level. We share the upstairs where our apartment is as well as the local radio station as well as a couple of band offices.
This is a working tepee and a fridge that doesn't. I'm sure they aren't called tepee's up here but I'm not sure what the real name is yet, but when I know, so will you.
This is the local parish.
Just a couple of Ravens, but I know I missed them when I was down south, they make the crows down south look like hummingbirds by size comparision.


Rob & Tina said...

So does the store say "Northern" on it anywhere or is it just "Band Store"?

Curtis Groom said...

Actually no, it doesn`t. Until April it was a band store but due to financial trouble the store was closed, the community asked Northern to come in and take over.
As of yet we don`t actually have a sign maybe next summer :).
I`ll email mail a few other store`s we`ve been to.

Rob & Tina said...

Wow, so it's a new store? That's really cool. And I appreciate the other pics too. :) How big is your apartment? How many staff do you have? How is Christopher doing in school?