Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday Musings

Working the nets on the newly frozen Arctic Red River.
Old George patrolling the limits of Georgetown, wish I had a tenth of the strength of this 70 something guy. He still lives out of town, without water, heat, electrictity, etc.
The bend in the river about a mile from town, the river is still open, this is all the shoreline.
Boats awaiting next June.
A view of town from Hollywood hill.

The view up the Red River.
Quite possibly one of the last ferries to cross this year.
The morning ice on the MacKenzie, with that freaky fog.

Hello Everyone,
Lets just move on to todays random thoughts. First, Sarah Palin was on Saturday Night live last night. This scared me slightly. I believe one of the major flaws with McCains campaign has been in bringing this inept fool on board, but this represented her chance to win back many of her detractors, she had the chance to win "Joe and Jane sixpack" back in one foul swoop, the type of resurrection that Slick Willy performed on Leno with his saxophone. Luckily for the world she failed miserably at this as well, she might have well as phoned in her appearance. I must say publicly just once, John McCain must be so astoundingly stupid to make his choice of VP that it staggers the mind. I just wish he would publicly announce he was really drunk at the time and let the world move on with his defeat.
We are on the verge of the end of the ferry season, any day now we will enter the isolation of Tsiigehtchic. There are very few communities in the north that experience the type of isolation that this community experiences. The major difference is that this community has no airport, and also that the major route out of town is such a large river. some communities experience similar isolation but none as long as the six weeks we are without outside contact. Its straight out "The shining" and a very nervous time for the community. Do we have enough food, what is someone gets really sick, what if the police are needed, what if there is a fire, many questions but the answer remains, we will resolve it ourselves and pray for a boring freeze-up.
My announcement has been delayed, a change in the situation within town has changed our expectations. So a future announcement time is unknown.
Take Care

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Alex said...

you're so right about the concerns during freeze up in Tsiigehtchic. As a former resident of Fort McPherson (and family of RCMP stationed there) there was also a huge mess whenever there was the need to medivac someone out. You'd think there would be a concrete plan for transporting people out of there in emergencies, but instead it usually consisted of the nurse calling the RCMP in McPhoo, saying they needed someone taken to Inuvik hospital immediately, then there would be squabbling between Inuvik-McPhoo-Tsiigehtchic health clinics, and then eventually someone would finally make the call to get a chopper there or whatever.
Isn't there an emergency airstrip on the road at the edge of town there? I can't quite remember....