Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Musings

Hello Everyone,
Well another week has come and gone and sealift if coming ever closer. We expect sealift next Saturday weather permitting. We're also expecting another barge today, this is the fuel barge. It seems the towns fuel supply is running low, we currently only have 1 inch of fuel above the valve left in the fuel farm, so the town has asked the barge company to drop by for a emergency visit. However due to schedualing the barge can only stay here for 2 hours. So for the last couple of days people have been busy running 1 mile of pipe out to the open water beyond the bay in anticipation of a limited offload window. It takes 36 hours to completely fill the tanks. and our regular fuel delivery will not be till early October, So with only 2 hours to offload we are going to be in some very tight straights for the next few weeks. Luckily, I had all the store and vechicles tanks filled last week so hopefully we'll be done for the month. BTW,this also means our fuel prices will be reset for the year, this year basic gasoline was $0.99001 pr liter, so odds are the increase is going to be etween .20 - .30 cents.
Melissa and I expect to have some news by next friday.
Thats all for today, Take Care


dragonflyte said...

You had the company tanks and vehicles filled... but what about the company housing? Do you have any control over when your own fuel tanks get filled or is it just whenever the delivery gets there? How often a year is there a regular fuel delivery to the town and how long does a full delivery generally last? The fuel that comes in October - does this have to last until next spring?

Where are the pictures taken? Looks like an interesting painting / mural in the background.

Smiles & Chuckles,
T :+)

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Hello Tina,
I also had the staff houses filled. We order delivery when we need it usually once a month but twice in Febuary and March. The fuel farm is supposed to hold enough fuel for a year and we recieve fuel once a year.
The Mural behind the photo's are a lanket we have hung on the wall.

CKMS said...

Curious as to what "asic gasoline" is. Thinking maybe it is a brand name but maybe it is more complicated than that.
Hope you do hear on Friday and most importantly you hear that it is a location that you would like to go to. Something a bit more accessible sure would make our day.
Take care,

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Hello CKMS,
I'd like to say that asic gasoline is a advanced formaulation designed to operate below -40 with advanced lubricants, however it actually means my B button occasionallt sticks, I mean "basic". Sorry for the confusion.
Take Care

Donna said...

You will have news on Friday. Is it what I think it could be?I see you have shaved.Weather is getting a little chilly here.This delivery that is coming is it the last one before spring or will there be more? Nice pics by the way.