Monday, September 04, 2006


Hello Everyone,
We still don't have alot to write about. The co-op is still awaiting thier sea lift. That was the boat I took pictures in the fog. Due to a problem with the crane they were unable to unload it so it had to go to Churchill for repairs. Its was supposed to arrive Sunday however the weather seems to be interfering with these plans. Its been a very cold and windy week. If you look at the power lines in the photo you'll see what I mean. I watched a seagull fly into the wind for 5 minutes and it was like it was hovering, eventully he gave uo and went the other way, very fast. If the Co-ops ship does arrive we might as well shut down till our arrives for all the business we'll see.
We have a new Kabloona in town, I believe Tammy was watching my blog for awhile to get a idea of the place during the last month and now her family and her have arrived in Repulse, so welcome. Once again I'm outta idea's so any questions welcome. The weather is the only real thing we've been struggling with this week. Its been miserable all week, highs of 4, wind anywhere from 40 to 60 mph, and today we got snow and hail thrown in the mix. Welcome to the arctic.
Take Care,


Rosalie said...

Well it's the wee hours of the morning as you can probably tell by the time of this comment. I was awakened by our neighbor's dog howling and barking at something. He is still at it, so figure there must be some wildlife in the vicinity.

I very much enjoyed having the day off for Labour Day. We had a flood of last minute shoppers on Sunday and of course they left the place in shambles. It seemed almost like Christmas, which I am reminded is only a few months away.

School opens here on Tuesday, so we will again be seeing the big yellow buses everywhere. You mentioned that school had already started there. Do they have different schedules there for summer holidays etc? Where do their teachers come from? Local or from the south?

I heard on the news earlier today that the "crocodile hunter" Steve Erwin had been killed in a freak accident - stabbed by a sting ray. Geez, what a way to go, eh?

Well, have run out of stuff to say, so will sign off for now. Hope your ship comes in soon - lol.

Are you able to play the lottery there? Rosalie

Anonymous said...

Does the new Kabloona work at your store? or a teacher perhaps?
That would seem to be a great place for wind generators, would'nt you think?

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Hi Rosalie,
Couple of good questions there I've been mening to discuss throughout the last year. This Hamlet has 17 teachers, 10 of which are from the south. To be a local teacher the standards seem to change dramaticly. In the south you need your basic degree and a teaching degree in order to be considered for a job. Up here the standards are different. Most of the southern teachers have these qualifications however, for example, Melissa was asked if she wanted to be a SUB at the local school when they needed her. I also know of one of my associates who recently applied to teach in the local school. His skills came back as grade 1 math, grade 6 english and grade 3 innuktituk. He missed qualifing by 1 grade level. I recently found a stat I found interesting, school attendence for Nunavut averages 24%, think about that, 24% and that is just till grade 8 after that they say the number falls. For the southern teachersinteresting enough alot of them seem to cme from London, there are three in this community alone.
School started on august 4th in this community, I still don't know why they start so early. they end in the end of June. Seems like a long year, I can only think that it is to compinsate for the time off they take, on their own and for local events, for example during hamlet days, they cancel school, during local hunting periods (caribou) they will close school, weather closures etc. This is all I can reason out but I'm not sure of any of it.
Yeah, that was something ablout Steve Irwin, but I guess its the way he would have wished and desearved to go, I just think off all the incredibly stupid things I saw him do and to think he gets taken out by a stingray, kinda anticlimatic really.
Take Care,

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

I don't think Tammy or her husand are teachers, they arrived too late for the school year and too early to replace the teachers who fail to return after christmas. They don't work at the local store's so I'm still waiting to hear why they're here, maybe government work or for the contracting company.
Yes there is alot of wind here constantly, there is a place I've heard of called Wreckhouse (probably spelt wrong). Wreckhouse gets the claim to fame for longest sustained winds and gusts for Canada. But if you talk to norhtern Pilots they'll clear up the mystery in a hurry. See wreckhouse has a canadian metoriological recording center, therefore it holds the record, most of the communities up here beat both those records however they can't be proven or documented, but the pilots would much rather land anywhere south of 60 rather than north of it.
Take Care,

Donna said...

I don't have alot to say. People still ask about you. How is Christopher doing? Corey will be starting his second year of university on the 11th and he is a little nervous which is normal. Work is crazy.Rosalie and I sometimes just have to shake our heads at some of the things that go on.I don't know how you do this not seeing vegetation there. I have to see trees and greenery.I commend you for your work at keeping your friends and family informed of your adventures. I know I couldn't do it but you always were adventurous.It was in your blood to travel to nomans land it seems.I hope you keep this up and someday we will see you again.Hi Melissa.