Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello everyone,
Well we had a bit of a suprise blizzard today, at least it was a surprise to me. The Daycare closed at noon and Melissa had to go get Christopher. On the way back she kinda lost her way and slipped off the road 20 feet from the house (Thanks God). Here are some photo's of me triing to get the truck out. Remember this is literally 20 feet away. The storm winds are about 40-60 km at the time of these photo's, when I came home it was about 80 km, tonight they're calling for 120km. Its pretty darn cold and windy, thats all I know. The other two are of the rescued truck taken from about 10 feet away.
Take Care
PS. We're leaving Repulse on Nov 28, arriving in Toronto Nov 29, Leaving Toronto and arriving in Kangiqsujuaq Dec 4.


dragonflyte said...

Hmmm... dare we let you "northerners" drive in Ontario traffic? :+)

SOOOOO excited you guys have time to visit. SOOOOOOO looking forward to seeing you again!

So the trip from Toronto to The K all happens in one day? Sounds like it's going to be a pretty intense day?

Anonymous said...

well first off tina- phhtt! and secondly- fear not- curt will insist on driving in ontario.
yeah it will be a long day--nice to have afew days on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Well, we thought Kincardine was bad enough but Repulse takes the record.
We are looking forward to you coming and I am already trying to plan what to make for meals. I know, I know, Mandarin Chinese Buffet is top of your list, but some of Mum's homecooking will not be wasted I am sure.
Looking forward to Friday. See you at the airport. Love you all. Mum and Dad. P.S. You'll notice a difference in the weather, lovely and sunny here to-day and Dad has gone for a walk down the harbour, he's looking forward to taking Christopher to see the trains and to take him a ride on one.

Anonymous said...

I mean see you Thursday........... see I am so excited I don't know what day it is. Love Mum

Anonymous said...

uhm... could you possibly make that wednesday? Cos then we'll not have been waiting 24 hours at the airport. I know I'd like to see the giftshops at the airport but please don't make me sleep there- ha ha. I'm pretty sure it's wednesday we'll be there and we can not wait to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

Just checked my calendar and realized I was still wrong, opened the blog to write again and saw your comment. Don't worry we'll be there, Dad has it all together just me that is losing it. Love. Mum

Anonymous said...

Wow Curtis! I can't believe what we are walking into...crazy stuff! Despite the weather, Garon and I and Ethan are all looking forward to moving to Repulse Bay. Thank you so much again for all of your help. Too bad we all won't be able to meet. Take care and good luck with the move.


Jennifer said...

Hi there,
Got your comment on our end and realized I didn't have your blog in my bookmarks! Must add it today.

Safe travels!