Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No Phone

Hello Everyone,
Due to a unforseen problem we have no personal phone at the house, anyone wishing to reach us must do so at the store.
Take Care


dragonflyte said...

Hey Curt,

One small tiny problem with your suggestion... how does one obtain the number of the store? I haven't been able to find it on the net anywhere! There's several of us wondering how your trip was and how you're settling in etc. I'm suspecting Melissa has misplaced my phone number again? If so - I'll email it to you. Please have her call me collect some evening and we can chat.

T :+)

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

The store number is 1-800-338-3222.
For some reason that escapes me right now I was hesitant to post it, but it is a public # so there ya go. Same time zone as Ontario, we're usually here from 9am to 8:30 pm (at least I am.). 9-5:30 saturday, and 1-5 sunday ( I hjope we won't actually be here sundays.
Take Care

rosalie said...

It sounds like you are settling in and that things are falling into place. No doubt you will be busy with the approaching holiday season and will spend many hours in the store.

Thank you dragonfly for the phonetic pronounciation of Kangisujuaq.

Curtis, I am not sure, but guess that Donna has already told you that Glenna passed away. We were at her funeral today and it was a very moving ceremony. A full house in her honor was present, but she will be dearly missed at Walmart. Her quick wit was one thing that really caught my attention.

The phone number you listed for the store - is that toll free, for real??? Maybe Donna and I will call you one afternoon.

Take care -- Rosalie

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Oh My, I hadn't heard about Glenna and I'm sorry to hear of everyone's loss. Was she ill, I believe she had surgury in the summer but thats the last I heard. I didn't realize it was so grievous of a illness. Although she could be a real pain in the ass, she could also be a very sweet person who cared very deeply about her community. Ok maybe she was just a pain in the ass to me as she enjoyed riding me. I hope we allowed the whole store to attent the funeral?
Now onto other bussiness, As rolalie pointed out I listed the phone # as a 1-800 #. THAT IS WRONG.
The actual # is 1-819-338-3222.

rosalie said...

bHi Curtis - From what I understand, Glenna was diagnosed in May/06 with a malignant tumor in her brain. She underwent 4 or 5 surgeries in London, but doctors held little hope that she could actually be "cured". During her final days, she was moved to a nursing home near to her Dad's home and that is where she passed away.

It was quite heartwarming to see a huge attendance from Walmart and anyone that really wanted to be there, was.

On another note, Marilyn Clarkson who works on the "soft side" was in a bad accident on route to a doctor's appt in London. She was travelling north and apparently a southbound car travelled into her lane and hit her van. Marilyn has extensive injuries, including lacerations to her face, major damage to her left foot and was still having problems with internal bleeding. The word is that she will be off for a year as the reconstruction of her foot, mainly her heel area, will require surgery and lots of physio. Her daughter and boyfriend were also in the van and were considerably luckier than Marilyn. They were treated and released. The driver who hit them, an elderly lady, died at the scene.

So you can see that we are having a pretty hard time this month. It just seems to be one thing after another.

I was disappointed to see that your store # is not toll free!! Not saying that I am surprised, but it would have been kind of fun to actually talk to you guys in person.

Myself, I am dealing with lots of ongoing situations. My daughter-in-law, Katie is into her third round of chemo, battling cancer. Then a week ago, I got news that my sister-in-law, was given the news that she has cancer and it has spread into her liver. It seems it will only be a matter of months.

I hope you guys are well and looking forward to the Christmas season. Take care -- Rosalie

mary said...

Who is Jacques Martel and why is your store using his phone number! No wonder Dragonflyte couldn't find you when she was searching!!

Hee hee - glad you made it safe and all. Hope everyone is settling in well in time for the holidays. Only a week left before the days start getting longer.


Dragonflyte said...

Hello Northerners!

I'll post this early - not knowing how often you might be reading these days. I just wanted to wish you all the Merriest of Christmases in your new home! I will definitely be envying you your snow as it sounds like we will be having a green Christmas. Curt - enjoy your "day" off! Melissa - hope all is going well with the new job! Little Bit - hope Santa is good to you this year!

All the best! You are so very much missed! Smiles & Chuckles and Lots of Love,
T :+)

lissa said...

hey all! good news! our stuff arrived today so santa WILL be coming to our house- phew! I was worried there for a bit. So glad to see your posts- i miss all you guys!! but no phone no internet- tough to keep in touch. hope to chat with you all soon.
Merry christmas to all and I will hit Curtis with a snowball for all of you enduring a green christmas.
love lissa

dragonflyte said...

By the way - is the lack of phone a temporary thing? Curt never specifically said... How long 'til you forsee having one? or internet?

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Hello All
LAck of internet may be fixed today, Lack of phone will hopefully be fixed by Jan 1. I'm sure you'll all hear when its fixed up. For the Walmartians, who's going to be in the store on New years Day, If Donna's in give me the number and I'll give ya a dingle if we're with phone at that point.
Take Care

dragonflyte said...

By the way Curt - have you heard the latest? The Wal-Mart at Sunrise plaza opened this Monday morning past - and is open 24 hours a day until close on Christmas Eve. There's a retail nightmare for you!

T :+)