Monday, December 25, 2006

OK, Now I have to Vent

Hello Everyone,
This happens everewhere I've ever done retail but that doesn't make it easier. we went to the store for a few minutes to call our family and I got 4 phone calls asking when we were going to open, and when we were going to close. Are these people calling the Hamlet? Are they calling the school and the daycare with the same questions, I think not. But because your in retail people think you should be there and the store should be open whenever they want something. I challenged one of the callers "Are you at work? No, well niether are we. Its Christmas." It still stuns me, Its happened everywhere I've been but somehow it seems more absurd up here. The store has never been open at Christmas, never open Boxing day. In a town with two stores, It shouldn't be that hard to keep track of, neither is open for 2 days. Ok, I'm done and I'm glad we don't have phone yet, because they would be phoning my home.
Have fun, and don't call you local store
Take care


Anonymous said...

Your allowed to Vent!
One thing that people don't seem to understand in living in a small community is that we all have a family and family comes first and that you can't work 24/7.

Rosalie said...

I concur with you Curtis. For some strange reason, people will call retail stores and ask some really bizarre questions. Not sure why that happens.

It appears that Christopher had a wonderful Christmas and with a personal visit from St. Nick.

I hope your blizzard didn't amount to much but given your location, anything is possible, right?

It has just stopped raining here but have heard that we can expect a roller coaster ride of conditions, depending on where you are in southern Ontario tomorrow. I am enjoying no snow, but those that rely on the stuff are probably hurting.

Loved all the pictures and can't believe how much Christopher has grown.

All the best over the holidays and do wish you the best as well for 2007.


Nancy said...

That's funny (she said in a very empathetic way)- people do that to the health centres too, call for things that can wait at times when we're obviously not open. I've always fumed "they're not calling the Northern or the Co-op expecting them to be open" but I guess they are!!! Keep away from that phone! :-)

Donna said...

Hi Curtis and family I haven't been on for a while busy as you know this time of year. I too hope that 2007 is a much better year. We just lost another associate. Do you remember Joanne Greenwood she worked in electronics and had to leave because she broke her hip at work.It was because of the cancer. Well she past away last week at the age of 55. There has been others at work who have lost loved ones. I know life goes on and that this is the cycle of life but it sure doesn't make it easier.
I see Christopher enjoyed his gifts and you all are settled in again.I hope you have a great new year and all the best to you and your family.

Rosalie said...

Happy New Year and hope that 2007 proves to be a wonderful year for all of us.

Still no snow, but I'm not complaining. It makes it great for travelling!!

Looking forward to seeing lots of postings in 2007.