Sunday, March 15, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fungus.

Hello everyone,
Ok, haven't been here in awhile. Though about the place frequently but just keep failing to find anything interesting to write about, even something interesting to me. So, I`ll just start typing till either you or me gets sick of it and leaves.
We`re going to have a funeral in town this week, one of our residents died on Thursday after a long bout with C.
I`ve started a new diet and so far its going well, I made it through 5 days this week at 1000 calories or less and it wasn`t even hard, I just had to force myself to get rid of the red meat and move into the rabbit food group, but the meals have been large and interesting so I don`t see a need to really start bitchin about it. I wasn`t aiming at any calorie level, I just made some healthier foods and thats where it worked out.
Christopher is doing well at school and has now entered the work of March Break, two days and Daddy is goin nuts. So far this morning I think he has asked more questions than I have in the last 10 years or so. Its amazing what he knows and notices but this lad just LOVES the sound of his voice.
Outside the days continue to grow but the temp hasn`t really bounced into spring yet, today we`re floating around -35 making grave digging very challenging (I just looked out the window)....
Ok, I give up. I miss George Bush, at least then when I was stuck I could always rant.
Take Care

Monday, March 02, 2009


Danger Ahead!!!!

Opps, It has been pointed out to me that this photo does not show what it did as you watched it. This child was sliding down the hill on his back, the old skid lays in his path and obviously he isn't looking.

A stitch in time.

Hello Everyone,
   This is a assortment of photo's from the Nova Inn in Inuvik,I found them interesting even if taking the photo's was a pain in the tuckus.  Most are from the turn of the century to the early fourties.  The carving is actually a moose antler from Holman which is recent.  I reccommend clicking on the photo's to see the details of the north of the past.
  Take Care,