Sunday, November 01, 2009

A prayer for the dying.

Hello everyone,
Its obvious that this blog is dying so I'm going through all the posts that never made it to posting and throwing them all up here anyways, so there may be something new .

Couple of months.

The obligitory crossing photoOn the way to Eagle Plains from TsiigehtchicThe DempsterThe valleys of the mountainsMore DempsterBeware of low lying clouds, BTW there's a grizzly in this pictureEntering the cloudsOut of the fogOur fire trucks, new one on the right. While on vacation I became the towns Fire Chief.Christophers Halloween.Musical chairs is such a exclusionist game, the boy on the right may never get over this moment in his life.Thank-you, Thank you very much.King Kong spots his next victim, but carefully covers his actions so she'll never realize.Dancing with a monkey. That's Christopher in the Gorrilla suit.

Hello Everyone,
At first I was happy when I saw that blogger allowed for larger images, now I'm sad as they apparently crop the images you post at random. You'll have to actually click on the images to see what the hell I'm talking about. Sorry.