Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunshine and happy faces

More Photo's. The Unknown person in the restaurants solarium is Julie, a new trainee to our store.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Groom.

A friend who's lived up in Baker for many years has sent me your blog to show me your awesome photos. They are very nice and you have a good eye.

I am from Baker but haven't lived there for 20 yrs. I really like your photo of the sky and the clouds that look like waves...My sister and I own a forum called iglootalk and I wondered if I could copy and post that on our forum?

If you've only lived there for the winter so far, wait till the mosquito season! lol Yikes for yous!

If you'd like to check our site, it's

Curtis Groom said...

Your welcome to use these images for any "not for profit" (not pay membership) use. Thanks for visiting.
Take Care,