Thursday, September 27, 2007

Peace be the Journey

A wonderful view from the waters off of Tobermory. I love the Georgian Bay, I'm not sure why but everytime I go there it seems like I'm coming home.
A shipweck in the harbor of Tobermory, another reason to love this area, the water "seems" pristine (although I do understand that clear water is a bad thing, not a healthy one).
A goose preening near Laurel Conservation area.
Christophers first tree climbing experience, We didn't even realize it till a little later that he'd never done this before, no tree's no tree climbing.
The Knox Presbyterian church in Kincardine, This church has one of the most impressive pipe organs I've seen in North America. And BTW when did they start locking churches during the daytime, that seems very sad.
The Harbor in Kincardine

A interesting statue standing watch over the harbor at Port Burwell.

Hello Everyone,
We leave for Tsiigethchic NWT in 4 days. This community formerly known as Arctic Red River is located on the Mackenzie river delta. Approx 200 miles north of the Arctic circle at 67°27'N, 133°44'W. Our journey will begin in London Ontario, to Calgary, to Edmonton with a overnight stay over. followed by a flight out the next day to Yellowknife, then to Norman wells and finally to Inuvik. from Inuvik will have to drive down the Dempster highway down to Tsiigehchic with the help of two ferries over the Mackenzie river as well as the Arctic Red River. Although this leg of the journey is currently in the air as we don't know how we are going to travel this last 50 miles, hopefully someone in home office or in the community is working on a solution to this problem.
Take care,


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. Do you have any type of stop over in Yellowknife or do you get off one plane and right on another? If you have a stop over for any amount of time we'll try to zip in!

Curtis Groom said...

Hey Rob and Tina,
As expected vacation was short, but maybe we'll get another one next year if we're really good.
The stopover in Yellowknife is only half a hour I think, so pretty much a give and go stop. Guess you'll have to break out the starting hammer and drive the 12 hours to see us.
but then again with the upcoming season most likely not. Someday.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That shipwreak picture was so neat!

The tree climbing comment made me think of some friends who had their children in the north and went to Ontario for a visit. Their one son was looking out the window of the car and asking him mom why the caribou had no antlers- he was looking at cows!