Sunday, December 09, 2007

Random Tidbits

Hello Everyone,
Well, the lack of photo's continues, Its really hard to get photo's for me, when all the sunlight occurs in a brief window during which I can't leave the store. I've started to order product again as of this week. The roads into town are currently rated at 20,000kg, we need double that but if I wait any longer we won't be able to get any product for Christmas, so we barrel ahead at full speed and hope for the best (actually I do have a backup plan to get the stuff here).
The weather is still mild, except for a couple of cold days early in the week. We sit daily around -30 and still no real sign of snow, we've been here 2 months and we still haven't had a single good snowstorm.
I just got off the phone with my parents who complained I'm not saying anything? Its hard to come up with new info when you've been living in complete isolation for the last seven weeks. That's why the Blog has been so inactive, its very difficult to come up with new things when we've been this way for awhile. I've actually noticed it affects the communities whole mood, people seem a lot more subdued, they are still out doing things but no one talks about the days events or interesting things around town.
So that's my lack of news for this week.
Hopefully something will happen in the outside world that I feel compelled to comment on.
Take Care

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