Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scorched Earth Policy

This photo I found a little interesting, in the middle right hand side of the photo you can see they started a fire right beside that discarded fuel tank... I can assure you no one checked to see if the tank was empty.

The newest fire chief shield his eyes from the intensity of the blaze.

Hello Everyone,
All the snow is mainly gone and that leads the town to clean-up time. The snow has been hiding 8 months of garbage and dead grass. This week they started burning the grass to promote the new growth of grass and these photo's depict the events of day one. Now, I know this type of controlled burn technique is used in many communities, however I was surprised that the community would rush to do such a dangerous activity before the ferry was in the water. If anything bad had happened the towns single fire engine would have been the only help available. Air support would have taken so long to arrive the town would be ashes before any further help arrived. Everything went well but man, something in me just screamed this isn't safe. Break up is mainly over and I'll post some photo's of it tomorrow, the river is free flowing with only ice left around the landing area's of the ferry so maybe another week. At least the town smelled like a camp fire for a couple of days.
Take Care


Megan said...

I'm sure it's a "controlled burn", but the pictures freak me out, too.

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I was thinking the same thing. Man, kinda early to be doing that! I can't get over how much Christopher's face is changing. He looks so grown up.

Anonymous said...

Or was that just your bbq gone out of control?