Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our guide for the following trip up the MacKenzie River was my friend George, Also know as "old George". He's a great old man with a love of life and a wonderful sense of humor.

The famous Tom Thompson tree, I didn't think these things even existed till I came North.

Near the middle of this photo is a bright purple plant clinging to a dangerous existance, Don't believe me, click on it yourself.

The round object in this picture is actually still a large iceberg that ran ashore during break-up.

"When good cabins go Bad.

This is how we missed it the first time.

This water fall we completely missed on the way up the river, Its hidden in its own canyon of it own making.

The ferry from a different angle.

A new perspective on the church on the hill.

Just a bird.

Christopher and Divinia throwing stuff off the cliff.

I'm thinking that maybe the town is trying out a new bus system?

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Anonymous said...

Very cool photos - gives me a little insight into what I'll be seeing! IN ONLY TWO WEEKS!!!! Yay!!! Can't wait!

Looks like Christopher and his bike are already inseparable?

T :+)