Friday, July 25, 2008

Manufacturing Hysteria

Hello Everyone,
This week marked a landmark for myself, I believe I read my 1000th article relating to the organized execution by our law enforcement personnel of the masses they were hired to protect. It seems that they have designed a new weapon, The "taser", a weapon that's lethality far exceeds that of any conventional weapon and they are systematically marching through our streets electrocuting thousands of innocent people just for kicks and giggles.
If I read one more statement from a relative of the deceased, explaining to me just how poor Johnny was gunned down with this weapon of mass destruction while on his way to help orphans out of burning buildings, I will once again lose all faith in humanity.
If police officers are truly the bastards the media is portraying them as, then they are also as stupid as a bag of hammers. Important note to all police officers reading this: If it is your intention to kill that innocent drugged out angel wielding a knife and breaking into someones else car.... use your gun and save the electricity, someone in the city needs it for their air conditioner. The media and the police force themselves have admitted the abuse that these weapons appear to caused among some officers, but if they are using these weapons so damn much, where are the rest of the bodies, would you prefer they just shoot you? We all know where this is leading, to a flurry of huge lawsuits against all the police forces by relatives trying to make a buck, and don't dare quote me that altruistic BS. Donate all that money to helping intercity youth and you can tell me how jaded I am, until then, don't lecture me about the choices police officers have to make every day when some jackass with a knife fails to respect your position or your right to life. I don't want to be tasered, I think its dangerous and is going to hurt like all get out. That is why I live my life in a manner that respects our laws, and I have no fear when I walk down the streets, the police are there to protect me and my property. Everyone can make a mistake, our bodies all have they're own personal weaknesses and the police have a right to use a weapon that has a huge ratio of safety to protect themselves and if it takes 7 hits to make sure they feel safe approaching the situation, I say give them eight and make sure. If I am confronted in the street and a officer feels threatened by me, I would beg him to use the taser and take my chances versus the other alternative they have.
It also makes me wonder if the EU would support our sealing friends if we gave them all supercharged tasers, would that make everyone happy, I know the CBC would be freaking ecstatic.
Take care,
P.S. The police should be able to file countersuits against they parents of poor Johnny who allowed him to drop out of school, did absolutely nothing to discourage his drug and alcohol abuse and also knew he was stealing and jacking cars to continue these habits. Where is our outrage at these "parents"? We have none, they are the victims, lets just write them a cheque.


Megan said...

Are you saying parents are responsible for their kids?

NOW you've done it. The crazies will be coming for you!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these people know that all police officers have to be hit with this wicked weapon themselves before they graduate to know the full effects of how it works.
As for the neglective parents, maybe they should be given a shot as well!

Anonymous said...

Well said!