Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Olympics

Hello Everyone,

I`m watching the Olympics. For years people have been discussing why the support for the Olympics has been waining in the last twenty years. Speculation has been that endorsements and steroids have tarnished the reputation of the Olympics, resulting in the drop in interest. As for myself, I don`t care who name is on anyone`s equipment, not one single little bit, they can all get Nike tattooed upon their foreheads and it would`t change a thing. Secondly, steroids, OK lets just set up two events for all categories, juiced and un-juiced. Really, I can see where people feel its unfair if someone else is on the juice and they are not, but what is the difference between that and a Nigerian runner who runs between towns in his home country versus the incredibly detailed training and support given by other countries, should that also not be equalized if everything in the world is to be fair? For me the disillusionment with the event lies strictly within the IOC's hands, its the events. Here's my short list of events I will never consider Olympic sports, I realize some of them are competitive, however their merits may be more artistic rather than athletic, leading to interpretive scoring, which is what really disgusts me within the Olympics; Synchronized swimming, Water Polo, Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball (there is no way anyone can justify people making 16 million a year being considered a amateur), Canoeing, Kayaking, Equestrian (shouldn't the horse be on the podium, not the spoilt rich kids on their backs?), Football (soccer to you Americans), Handball, Field hockey (OK and I'll admit, as much as I love it, ice hockey in the winter Olympics), Sailing, Shooting, Softball, Table Tennis, Rhythmic gymnastics, Trampoline, ANY and ALL card games, all Dancing of any type, surfing, roller skating, beach volleyball and golf. While many of these events are legitimate sports most of them already have their own international venue's. Most of these "sports" have been added during the same period that interest has dropped, coincidence? I know that for the next Olympics they are just hanging on the edge of their seats watching the ratings of Poker thinking "Cha-Ching" that's what we need. Just because a event is popular doesn't make it worthy of the Olympics.
One of these days I'm going to have to quit ranting and get back to life in the north, sorry.
Take Care,
P.S.OK, the list keeps on growing as I watch, I can now add; wind surfing, speed walking, bmx racing...

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