Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, a day of rest.

Hello Everyone,
One of the considerations of coming north was to uncomplicate life, settle my work hours down to reasonable levels and spend time with my family. That now means I have to take my family to work in order to spend time with them. Here's Christopher and I at the fire hall (so I can inventory the Med supplies and check the breather tanks), yesterday (my first Saturday "off" in 6 months) was spent cleaning the fire hall so we could get the new truck inside. Today I have to inventory all the modems for my newest job, I'm now the internet provider for the community. Luckily I have nothing to do for the DEA today (except for making 75 muffins for the breakfast program) and I'm not running a recycling day today as most of the cans in town are currently being donated to the school for a fundraising drive. Add this to my usual 60+ hours at the store and somehow I still prefer to be here than at Wal-Mart. Ain't life amazing?
Take Care
P.S. We got half a foot of snow last night.

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