Friday, January 16, 2009

Looking for a Hero

Hello everyone,
CNN never fails to amaze me, actually I'm sure all the news agencies are doing the same thing, Switch on your TV right now, I'll wait ... Okay, now flick through three channels randomly. Did you see that, about the plane in the Hudson river. American journalist's have been given a gift from God. America doesn't feel very good right now, they are a little under the weather shall we say.
Their international reputation has been so severely tarnished by G.W. Bush that they no longer feel like the best nation in the world, their military has failed to fulfil Bush's "Mission Accomplished" banner from 6 years ago. Their unbeatable economy has been slapped up and down Wall street so hard that the best investment currently offered is the old "NY to Pennsylvania bottle return scam". World renown brokers are showing themselves to be thieves, Millionaires are broke. Its a bad time in the news for the average American but the attention being given this event is just silly, Mark my words, within 2 weeks they will be announcing a memorial for the brave actions of all the members of the flight crew and the actions of the rescuers. America is so interested in making the distinction that within the next week the past will be past that they see this event as a portent of the optimistic future, they are once again going to be unsinkable. They want to be the America of September 10 2001, but they won't be. I look forward to the Obama administration the way everyone looks forward to any politicians reign before they actually assume office.
In my minds eye I can see reporters and editors everywhere around America in office's praying to their Gods hoping for a event such as this, my cynical nature can actually visualize a lone reporter a couple of miles from the airport, umbrella in hand before a gaggle of geese softly giggling to himself as he watches the plane approach. Where better could this have happened for our media giants but in America's most populous city, all those people around, each with their camcorders and digital camera's ready to catch this wonderful moment.
I am glad that this event turned out as well as it did but I have no doubt that within 24 hours we would have had another miraculous event, maybe something about survival through the extreme temps of the Midwest, maybe a miracle birth, that would have been a really good one on the eve of Obama's leadership, maybe the baby could even have been named Barack. This weeks motto was not "if it bleeds it leads" it was "lets make a miracle".
Here's to a glorious change of fortune for our southern brethren (which from where I sit includes 99.99999% of the world's population)
Take Care.

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Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly. The United States is so pathetic that were it not for the havoc it has wreaked on the world over the past decade, I would literally die laughing.