Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Friends

Nearing the end of the Journey

Kate fiddling by the river in InuvikChristopher battling SeanKate giving a impromptu concertThe starting point. Look at the length of that bike!!!Sean and Kate by Caribou creek

Hello everyone,
The tourists have started their steady stream through town. We met a interesting couple and their daughter who were beginning their journey this week. They arrived in Inuvik from Scotland (although she was born and raised in Blackburn, where my family is from). They are planning on biking from Inuvik to Chile over the next couple of years. Kate, their daughter will be home schooled, or is that bike schooled during this journey. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with them and heard may fascinating stories of their previous adventures.
Good luck Sean, Ingrid and Kate and peace be the journey.
Take Care


nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

From Inuvik to Chile? That's extraordinary! I hope they'll blog and flickr it! Hi from Yellowknife, btw :)

Family on Bikes said...

I'm wondering if you happen to have any contact info for that family you met - the one with the daughter on the tandem? I would love to contact them if you have a way.

We are also a family traveling on bikes on the Pan American Highway. My husband and one twin son ride on a tandem while the other twin and I ride singles. We left in June 2008 from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and are now in Colombia.

You can read about our journey at Please email me at if you have a way to contact the other family!