Sunday, November 01, 2009

A prayer for the dying.

Hello everyone,
Its obvious that this blog is dying so I'm going through all the posts that never made it to posting and throwing them all up here anyways, so there may be something new .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on becoming Fire Chief.

Megan said...

Greetings! The Best NWT Blogs contest is now underway. This year, the rules state that bloggers must nominate themselves in any categories they want to compete in. Please come over to the site, read the rules, and nominate yourself. This round ends on Tuesday; after that, we'll vote.

Remember, you MUST nominate yourself if you want to be considered for the contest.

Rob said...

I must admit that i have been neglecting my reading and posting on our blog. I Really would hate to see your blog go under after the help you gave us!

Anonymous said...

That is sad that your blog is 'dying', I just found it! you give alot of good info here! We are in Kitchener Ont and headed to Baker Lake for a visit to scope it out. How did you find taking your son up there with any social differences and staying inside alot? (Ours is 3)-Jenny.