Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Track and Field VS. Circumpolar games

  Hello Everyone,
    I was just looking at the line-up for the Circumpolar games and realized we live in a very different world.
   The events are:
Kneel jump
Alaskan high kick
bench reach
head pull
1 foot high kick
one hand reach
2 foot high kick
swing kick
arm pull
musk ox push
knuckle hop
seal skinning
goose plucking
tea boiling
bannock making
muskrat skinning
canoe races

  Just thought someone might find this interesting,  I have to get some photo's of some of these events to better explain.
   Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Are they also having?:
Muktuk Eating Contest
Traditional Dress Contest
Old Time Dance
Traditional Drummers
Fish Cutting
Blanket Toss

Will you be attend the 2010 ceremonies in Grande Prairie, Alberta?