Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas,

Well Its Christmas in the north and let me tell you, Santa doesn't do alot of prep work, ie reindeer training, warming up the engines, weather checks etc, Last night around 11:55 pm I saw him whip into he garage and take off a couple of minutes later. Since its such a short commute he must think its a milk run, anyways.
Christopher Has started to figure out this christmas and Santa thing. All season he didn't seem to get it, Until last night, When going to bed he had lots of questions about Santa and said he wanted to give Santa a big hug when he came tonight. Then he went to sleep fairly quickly, until around 12:00 when he woke up and stayed up till 3:30 talking, reading and singing about Santa. Then around 9:00 he decided it was Santa time and low and behold Santa had been by. Here are the photo's.
Tonight we are having the Ophans Christmas dinner with Jeff (the retail Manager) Melody and Brian (dept manager in training and our butcher) The turkey above was prepared by Brian and its a 8 kg turkey de-boned and then stuffed with another 8 kg de-boned turkey, Thats one heck of a bird :)


Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and hope that you have a wonderful day.

It is always quite special to share the festivities with children. We had our granddaughter, Stephanie here for her Christmas, last night. She was a great source of joy for all of us. She was excited to see anyone opening presents and of course we captured a lot of the night on video.

I was fascinated at your turkey and was wondering where your friend came up with the idea of using two turkeys in that way. It certainly would make carving a breeze and none of those bones to worry about.

I do hope that you were able to procure some "holiday cheer" and that you toast the season.

Again, have a wonderful holiday and hope that the new year will bring us all prosperity and peace.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to y'all!!! from the Southerns

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes in the New Year

Hope Santa and the Missus got their dues as well as the little one! Did you and the family do the search in the AM for the reindeer tracks too? Or was the weather not up to the challenge?

Today started out with a touch of fog, then rained, then decided to flip us some wet snow! All in all, it was a rather mild day.

That's quite the bird by the way!

The site is great! Appreciate the insight into a new culture and thanks for allowing us to share it with you and your family.

Sorry I haven't had time to throw any comments until today.

Wendy P