Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Musings-Various Thoughts

Hello Everyone,
Just a few wandering thoughts from a busy week. First off, appreciate those who bring you food, I've been training in the KFC and Pizza Hut for 2 weeks now and let me tell you this is the worst job I have ever done. There is nothing positive to say about it, except in 2 weeks its over. Those people who pick food service as thier vocation must be a different breed than myself as I truely hate this aspect of the business. Its not one thing in particular, more over its the complete experience, maybe if it was a fine dining experience it might be different however the idea of working so hard to feed people items they shouldn't be eating just bugs me. Some of the locals eats 3 or more meals a day in our restaurant, they don't have enough money to pay thier rent, but they will sit in the restuarant for 7 hours. I just want to pull them into the back and teach them to cook. Anyways, poor life skills is something we all see.
Christmas events are almost over, we did Ladies Night on Friday and it was well attended and a busy event. We have through the variuos events focused towards everyone sold about $6,000 dollar per person in this town on gifts. Its amazing how much the locals save and spend on christmas. We would never see this level of commitment in the south (at least not at Wal-Mart). As for Christmas celebrations up here its pretty much the same except for the religiuos connitations of the south, As it was explained to me, up here it could be St Swiggins day and hey wouldn't care, its the opportunity to buy alot of stuff and get alot of stuff they really like. Decorations are the same, and they put up christmas tree's ( we fly in live tree's as well $147.99). The slight improvement in people's attitudes in the south at this time of year doesn't really translate up here as the people are usually more pleasent than in the south anyways, you an always get a "Hello" or a "Matna" from the locals.
This week one of the locals recieved a insurance check for well over six figures, its amazing how poorly they are educated in regards to financial planning. With no banks and ATM's up here, (we have on no name machine in the store, so No deposits avaiable) I guess they haven't had alot of exposure to the services of the south. The person who got the check spent over halfthe total in 1 hour in the store. They bought 2 trucks, 2 ski-doo's, 1 quad, variuos appliances and furniture. By the time we get to January they won't have a penny left.
Which brings me to another issue, You can't get christmas cards up here, I don't know why, it seems really silly considering everything else we have but no one in town sells them... strange.
Tahts it for now,
Take care.

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