Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Ramblings

Hello Everyone,
Another week has come and gone andI'm still in Nunavut in the middle of winter. This week I found out I'll apparently be doing a couple of reliefs in a couple of stores as well as attending the best practice school in Rossville Manitoba. This means that somewhere around May I'll be leaving the family here and travelling a bit. Each relief is 1 month and Rossville is 3 weeks, so apparently I won't be around much this summer. The other good news? I got this week is that I'm going to be in charge of the H & R Block services in our store for the next month and a half. Yeah, I just love taxes... Ok I'm not convincing myself, is anyone buying this?
Did you know you can get a hangover without drinking? I get one every couple of weeks when I fail to drink enough liquid before going to bed. I think its due to the low humidity here, It causes you to dehydrate very quickly during the night then you wake up and Hello, you have a hangover. The only good thing about alcohol free hangovers is they tend to go away faster.
We had another blizzard over the last couple of days but it was a pretty uneventful one, nothing new to report, other than -53 is still very cold. I did finally wear my goggles yesterday, It was taking about 2 minutes till you started to feel your face going numb, and eyes freezing is a very uncomfortable feeling.
Christopher and Melissa are doing well. Just before the storm hit the temp got upto -11 and they went out to enjoy the fine weather. Sledding and snowballs were the task of the day.
Oh yeah, One great thing about this storm, my father sent us a security bar that goes frm the floor to the door handle and last night the door remained closd all night. Thanks Dad.
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

That bar seems like a real good idea! I never thought about using such a thing. Bit by bit it comes together,eh.
Take care, weather report says another storm is coming, or there already.

Anonymous said...

Curtis and family
I have been so busy and hope you didn't think I forgot you. I was reading up on what I missed and hope to stay caught up on your adventures.Funny you mentioned H&R Block because we have one in our store to by layaway. There are lots of changes going on at the store. It sounds like you are going to be travelling does that include the family.You seem to be enjoying your new life. Hope to talk soon take care of yourself .