Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Musings

Hello Everyone,
Still managing to keep busy. We've decided to reset all the planograms for all the retail sections of the store so I've been keeping busy all week as we build the standards that will hopefully be held for the future of the store. Today I have to do my homework and complete my FAC. I need a FAC in order to sell guns, so the option of whether I want one or not is mute.
Did you know:
That the Baker Lake Arena has no cooling equiptment, they have a concrete pad for ice and when the temp get low enough they pour water on it, In this manner they have a 8 month ice surface.
That your front yard makes a good freezer for your caribou and muskox kill's, when you want some meat you just go outside and cut off a slab. I presume this does not add to local wolves as the meat is solidly frozen therefore doesn't smell too much. Apparently it leads to a pretty gruesome spring thaw.
That a pan with boiling water in it will take about 13 minutes to start to freeze when left on your porch.
That the tent featured in "The Day After Tommorrow" will not keep you warm in -50 C degree weather, The tent used on the land at this time of year is a prospector tent. Which is a large canvas tent built using solid poles and elevated off the ground atop a wooden floor, for more detail follow the link at the top of this post (click on the title Sunday Musings to see the tent in our catalogue). I'm not sure but I'd bet while in one of these tents you still wouldn't be taking off all your snow gear as they did in the movie.
-40 C is not that cold as long as there is not wind, even 15 kmph will turn -40C into a very cold experience.
50% of the people up here don't have bank accounts, thier cheques get cashed at the Northern.
Air cooled engines don't like -40, You take a great chance of cracking your block if you can get the engine to start. Most vehicles up here have most of thier air intakes blocked or sealed to avoid too much cold air. If you forget to plug in your vechicle once, you can buy another battery or wait till spring.
Its easier on your vechicle to let it run if your going to be less than 3-4 hours wherever your going, You see alot of vechicles running all over town rather than letting them cool down.
Sidewalk salt doesn't work below -30, and when I say doesn't work, I mean not even a little bit.
Skin that has frozen will turn black in about 2 days, and is a more common facial accessory than a beard.
Rubber on your tires turns VERY hard in -40 and leads to alot of blown tires.
20 lbs of winter clothing feels like a tee shirt and shorts when the wind gets above 60 kph.
Ravens can apparently switch off the blood flow to thier feet in the winter ( I know the scientific problems behind this, but I also know those little exposed feet wouldn't survive here without something strange happening).
There WILL be 6 more weeks of winter, Its a safe bet there will be another 4 months.

Thats about all the random thoughts I have at this moment, I know I have alot of questions still to answer and I'll get to them today.
Take Care