Sunday, April 30, 2006

Land of the Midnight Sun

Hello Everyone,
Well, we're 2 months from the longest day of the year. I don't know what time sunrise and sunset are, Its becoming increasingly irrevelant. The other night we had a late frieght plane and I was out at 1:00 am and the light in the north was bright and very much like you'd see 30 minutes before sunrise. Its like that to the north all night now. I took these photo's tonight at 11:00 pm. The day begins around 4-4:30 am and until around 11:30 pm you could read outside if you so wished. Its not direct sunlight out at these times, but it is bright enough to see across the lake with details. Sorry about the quality of the photo's, I've never been good at low light photography and neither is my camera.
Take Care

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