Monday, April 03, 2006

Little Boys' Dream's

Hello Everyone,
Well, Here's a couple of photo's from the last couple of days. We seem to have finalized our summer plans as of today which is good news, It looks like Melissa weill be going to Ontario in early July, while I go to Repluse Bay to relieve the store manager while he's on Vacation. Repulse Bay is to the north of here within the Arctic circle, which I am greatly looking forward to. I will be going while the Polar Bears are on the land and with thier young, so that should be interesting. Also this is the season for community whale hunts, so hopefully I'll be able to witness one of those as well. When I finish the relief assignment I'll join Melissa in southern Ontario in early August. So good news all around.
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

What a touching picture!!

I hope you have a rewarding experience in Repluse and that you get to see some awesome sights. You will surely have lots to talk about when you visit us in our southern climes. No doubt you will have to adjust your internal body thermometer when you visit, as I hear we are in for a very warm summer.

Take care -- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

I hope we don"t get the humidity but you might like it.The weather today is rain.where is Melissa and Christopher going to stay? I hope you get lots of pics to show us.Looking forward to your visit.