Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Christopher's Birthday Cake

Hello Everyone,
As of ten minutes ago...


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It would appear that Christopher had a very nice cake for his birthday. I am amazed at how much he has grown and also how much he looks like his dad.

There's always so much happening in the summer months, that I haven't had much of a chance to be online and check out all your postings - until today.

I am so happy that you are still enjoying yourselves and that you view each day as an adventure.

It would appear from the photos that there are more roads there as opposed to your former residence. Was that you driving that pickup?

I loved that picture of the flowers and can only imagine the joy at finding something like that so far north. Thanks for the picture Melissa.

Life at Walmart here in Tillsonburg keeps changing on a daily basis. Scott is now posted to St. Thomas and one of their asst. managers is coming to our store, plus we have a new asst manager (that makes four now) Abe, who just started this week. O vay, you never know from day to day what will be happening.

Keep up your posting - I love it and feel like I am along for the ride. I enjoy your comments on the events, the people and your surroundings and sense how much this adventure is affecting you, Melissa and Christopher in a positive way.

Take care -- Rosalie

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thanks for posting again rosalie- funny- I was just thinking about you this week, and wondering how you were since it had been a while since you posted and said hi. hope everything is well with you and yours, and that you are dealing alright with the heat you all are getting in the south. I don't miss it, but I miss other summer stuff like strawberries and drive-ins. oh well, the trade off is worth it

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Hi Melissa - I hope you were only thinking good things about me - LOL

I do find that during the summer months, I am not drawn much to the computer as there is always so much to do outside. The summer months go by so quickly and even this week, I have noticed that the sun is setting so much earlier. I guess that in your latitude, it may not be as noticeable. BTW - how many hours of daylight are you now experiencing?

I really do try and stay in touch with my online friends, but when you are from a family of eleven, as I am, it keeps you pretty busy staying up to date on all the events and such in each other's lives.

It does appear that Christopher is thriving quite well and no doubt he is having experiences that will last a life time. I was wondering if he had been picking up on the language as it seems children tend to easily incorporate.the language heard,into their vocabulary.

Well the news is over and I guess the ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon is holding. We so very easily take our peaceful existence for granted in this country - don't we?? I am off the dreamland. Take care -- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

Hi Curt, Melissa And Christopher I know I have'nt been on here for quite some time I have been very busy with my son's wedding and I have a new grandaughter that takes up alot of my time. I still get out to ride when I can and when the weather co-operates, I got a newer bike it's a 97 red 883L sportster. I love your posts to keep everyone up to date on how you all are doing.
The pics are great looks like very rugged country, but as long as you like living there the more power to ya. Well I better go for now it's time for me to hit the hay
Take care Jo-Ann