Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Musings

Hello Everyone,
Well, Things are progressing along here. we are preparing for sealift, so lots of re-aranging of the warehouses. We expect sealift on or around Sept 15. Its a beautiful sunny day with a high of 10 C however with the wind it won't feel like that. Christopher has started to come down with our cold, Around 4 this morning he woke us us because his eye had sealed shut with eye goo and this had caused him great distress, But mommy made it all ok.
Hopefully if we're all feeling well this week, I'll take Melissa out on the land and teach her how to shoot safely, while christopher is in Daycare. Since some have expressed concern over the keeping of a gun in a house with a child, I thought I'd describe some of the measure's we've taken to ensure Christophers safety. First the rifle is kept in a gun cases with 2 combination locks on the outside, If he gets past these he will find the bolt of the gun removed and a lock laced through the chamber stopping the bolt from being reinserted. The gun also has a key controlled trigger lock preventing all access to the trigger. The ammunition for the rifle is kept in another locked box hidden in the laundry room closet, on the top shelf. If some one broke in the house it would take us about 15 minutes to get everything together and unlocked in order to use the rifle. However the rifle is not to protect us from intruders it is to protect us from wildlife concerns.
We can still see snow from our front porch, this is a intentional rub at those of you suffering through unbearable heat down south. It has actually been a very cool summer, on the days when the sun is out , it has been too wind y to really enjoy the sunshine.
Things have been undergoing changes at the store and I'll inform you all of them when I'm able, however I expect our next step in the journey to come in early October
Take Care,
P.S. I'm running out of topics, so feel free to fire some questions at us.
P.P.S. The photo with ice in the bay was taken on July 1st.


Anonymous said...

Keith was wondering what kind of rifle you have. As we have several and no threats of polar bears we certainly would not be questioning your need to posess such. It certainly sounds like you have taken the necessary safety percautions. I am sure that Melissa's days on the air cadet rifle range will come back to her quickly. The landscape pictures made us wonder about ricochet, all the rocks. I am sure that there is an area that the locals use that would be safe for practising.
Sorry to hear that the colds persist.
No heat wave any more here. The weather is beginning to feel like fall. No leaves changing colour yet but it won't be long I suspect.
Take care, love to read the updates.

Curtis Groom said...

The rifle isn't much, Its a 22 Magnum, which seems to be the favorite up here for 90% of your hunting needs, It won't do much to a polar bear but the noise will usually scare them away if the have stumbled upon you instead of hunting you. If they've been hunting you your going to need a good shot no matter what rifle you have, Its a head shot either way. I'm not too worried about richochet, I'm using soft points for target practice so there's about a 5 foot shrapnal range but nothing left of the bullet otherwise, and from 40 yrds with a 22 the richocet wouldn't have any power left by the time it returned. At least thats the recommendations of the local RCMP whom I spoke to about this practice. The other common rifle's are 485 and 50 caliber, both of which are mainly for whales as they are difficult to hold or shoot without a mount. I will be getting a 270 when I hear of a local selling one, I'm not paying the $1000 to get one new up here, I can get one used pretty easily for $200. That will provide a bit more stopping power for when we're in Black bear country as they are more unperdictable.