Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hello Everyone,
Its a cold one out there today. This morning it was -42 with windchill, which is the coldest we've seen here. With the added Humidity you get in this location, that makes it cold, as in a bunch of brass monkeys are singing soprano today. The water pipes in the roof of the store have froze so we can't dispense filtered water, which is a problem.
I know in a previous post I said I was a bottled water man from then in, however I'd still find that while in Repulse when making something like Kool-Aid I'd end up using tap water (something about bottled water and kool-aid makes me think of hub-caps on a tractor). Not here. The water in town is taken from one of 2 sources. We have a wonderful water treatment plant (or so I'm told) the only problem with it is... it draws its water from a very shallow source, meaning 8 months of the year it can't draw a thing as the water is frozen solid. So the rest of the year, they just cut a hole in the ice and draw directly from another lake, no filter, no nothing, just right on the truck. While the farm fresh aspect of this may appeal to some, this is the first community I've been to where no one drinks the winter water, no one. except for me. When we first got here I was still in the habit of making kool-aid and juice from the tap, In my mind kool-aid has some sort of purification built right in. Not now. Kool Aid has no built in purification, don't believe the hype. After my first 2 weeks here (being spent predominately in the bathroom), and reading the effects of what is called beaver fever, I would like to report that I have made it 2 weeks without drinking the water from the tap. This doesn't change the brown bath water but its a start (blue bubble bath, helps avoid looking at this).
Take Care


Anonymous said...

So you're saying "it's not the cold - it's the humidity"? LOL!

Curious - how do you deal with cooking and washing dishes etc? Do you use tap water for dishes or boil it first? I guess it's my spoiled Ontario upbringing but I can't even imagine stepping into a brown bath - I don't think I'd feel clean afterward!

Glad to see you back on board again - was wondering what happened all week. Give Christopher a great big healing hug for me! Guess that's a lesson we've all either learned, or come very close to learning (it was playground equipment for me - not kissing trucks).

Take care and stay warm!
T :+)

Anonymous said...

Don't say you have used up all the Immodium I gave you, they should have helped.
Hope Christopher is okay, does it look like his lips will become infected? He'll hate it when he grows up and the story is told and re-told to every girlfriend he has.
Take care, and keep your eye on Chrisyopher's tongue, we don't want him to start licking trucks.