Monday, January 29, 2007

The sound of your own voice

Hello everyone,
Last night I was listening to Christopher in his room getting ready for bed. It occurred to me this kid is never quiet anymore, It doesn't matter what he's saying/singing, English, Inuktituk or anything he wants to make up. He just sings, talks or just makes sounds to hear himself all the time. There is never a quiet moment with this charming lad around. Its amazing, I have used the phrase "likes the sound of their own voice" but he redefines the phrase.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

I can now say that I have an inkling of what you must experience on a much more regular basis. Tonight, we have been issued a cold alert because with wind chill values, it feels like it is -25 degrees C. Our weather forecaster said that an Arctic vortex has descended upon us and we won't have much of a warm up for at least the next several days.

On my drive home today from work, I encountered white outs and fierce winds, but then would drive a little further, only to be met with sunshine. What a country eh?? We haven't heard if any ice fishermen were stranded out on the lake today, but just know that some fools probably decided to go out in the storm. They will be in the news tomorrow.

When you mentioned that Christopher likes to hear his own voice, I thought of my granddaughter Stephanie, who is three and a half. She too, hums, sings and chats up a storm with or without an audience. It can be quite enlightening to sometimes eavesdrop on their conversations.

I hope all is well and that you haven't been cut off from the outside world - again. I keep looking for new stuff, but then again, I know you have lots of things on the go. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Take care and keep warm -- Rosalie