Sunday, March 11, 2007

A slow week.

Hello Everyone,
Its been a slow week. The only real activity in town that I know of is there is a Dog team race going on. It started on Monday at the village south of us. The teams left from Quataq and should have passed through Kangiqsujuaq on or about Wednesday, however the weather seems to have bogged them down. Due to the cold they had to camp down for a few days till the cold spell passed. As a result they are expected to pass through town today, Sunday. On Thursday, a group of men went to take them food as they were running out of supplies as they had planned to be a able to stock up on Wednesday. We're just a stop on their journey as they continue onwards from here past Salluit, about another 500 miles to go. They arrived in town about 3:00pm and will be spending a couple of night in town due to the temp falling again. All the driver looked as if it had been a hard journey s far and they haven't made it half way yet. We now have a transient dog city in front of our house with about 120 dogs out on the ice from 18 teams. Out local entry and the team we have photographed many times is in the lead. He is the 3 time national champion. Once the teams crossed the finish line most of them were transported down to the Bay (in front of our house). The picture of the ice was a interesting photo at the finish line that I found interesting.
That's it,
Take Care

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