Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Week has come

Hello Everyone,
We it seemed that not allot had happened this week, so tonight I borrowed a ski-doo and we all went out on the land for a couple of hours, and man was it cold. -30 times 60 miles a hour on a ski-doo times 40 miles a hour winds = lots of winter wear. One amazing thing was if you drove too long the engine would get too cold, you had to stop with the sled out of the wind and let it rev up for a couple of minutes to warm it back up. No matter how close you look at these photo's I don't think you see any exposed skin (Ok, I just checked, you can see Melissa's nose). The item you see Christopher playing with out on the bay, was a bag he found frozen into the ice and tied closed with rope, We inquired no further than that, I'm almost positive that I really, really don't want to know what was in there.
The dog teams headed out of town on Friday after their 5 day layover, I guess their racing times don't include time spent in town as the race is two weeks old and the leaders time is 22 hours when he left town. There is a photo of the teams getting ready to leave Friday morning, I don't actually have any photo's of the race beginning, to be frank, I just got sick of going out there every day waiting for the race to start, then hearing they decided it was too windy or too cold to race.
The other photo is yet another photo of George and someone else having fun out on the bay.
Take Care


Fred said...

Wow are those people para-skiing?

Fred said...

Wow are those people paraskiing?

Morrie Portnoff said...

I remember one instance when I went with my snowmobile across the bay when I lived in Kangiqsujuaq. All the roads were full of snow and the old airstrip was buried. This was after a massive 3-4 day storm. Snow was up to the roofs. The plane finally arrived after many days without one (UGH no mail!) It landed on the other side of the bay on a wind swept part of the ice. I snowmobile across the ice and I guess my parka;s hood was not closed up fully. This ride looks close but in fact it is more than a km. When I got to the plane all this women came up to me and pressed their hands on my face. Got to love the local hospitality I thought. In fact my face was frostbitten. Went home and saw that my face was swollen and hard. It defrosted and hurt a bit. The skin turned a bit brown. Nothing serious just a badge of honour.

Keep warm and skidoo with the wind.


Anonymous said...

Yeee haw! I can tell 'Lissa just by her nose!

Well, okay, I recognized her parka. Looks like fun!


btw, it was 80F here this past week. :P

Bonnieupnorth said...

Para-skiing now that is a first!