Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just another beautiful sunset, from our front deck. Beauty is everywhere in life once you allow yourself to see it.
This is Karosiq, a nine year old sled dog that patrols our end of town. He's a very interesting dog, never seems to
stop patrolling, never barks and always seems to have dominance over any other dog he meets but as we just found out he is not a lead dog but a middle dog. He also recently escorted my wife and child out of a uncomfortable situation, then returned to his patrols without a look over his shoulder.
Hello Everyone,
5 short years as of 12:36 pm today.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Birthday Christopher!!! Hugs and kisses.


Anonymous said...

Hey Christopher - Birthday best wishes from Kingston Ontario
Dan Fitzgerald and Mary Crawford