Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our New Home

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the long delay between postings but we've been very busy here dealing with work and packing. It seems the thinking is that everyone in the world wants to manage a huge retail big box experience and by moving someone smaller then "that'll teach em". However I have done the huge retail experience, and done it well according to my staff and superiors, I came north to manage a environment with more of a old time feel, beyond the interference of corporate politics and outsider interference. Now my new posting is to manage a environment that perfectly fits these standards, one where there does not seem to be a opportunity for me to be dependent on others support for my success or failure. The problem is they will review my performance and evaluate if I should return to a larger environment in the future.... Not likely, if I have anything to do with it. The new location is almost perfect for me and my family, where I can maintain my standards, service my customers and enjoy the north without the challenges of a large staff base or management failure's. I'm going to enjoy when they think they will be able to get me to leave this location after I have proven my performance.
I'm not allowed to disclose the location we are moving to yet but there's no rule against a few generalizations. We are returning to a area far north of the arctic circle (yeah), we will actually have tree's and we will be moving to the other side of the country.
Take Care
(a very happy) CG

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