Saturday, October 13, 2007

Couple more Vacation Pic`s

This is where I`d love to live someday, This is the flowerpot Island, unfortunately its spoken for by the government. I`ll just have to find my own island to make my own.
I don`t know at what distance a skunk makes you uncomfortable when walking across a open field towards you... maybe 20 feet? I do know reading a book alone beside a fire and looking up and see them at 2 feet is a uncomfortable distance, I assure you.


Unknown said...

Hi Curtis,

I'm just doing my weekend reading, and catching up on you blog. I didn't realize that you and the family were on the move again. I was going to look you up over in POV when I get there in the New Year!

The territories are the only part of Canada I haven't been to yet. I hope you enjoy your new home.

Just out of curiosity, does the northern move all its employees around as much as you? This is the first community I've lived in with a northern but most of the employees seem to stick in a place for a couple of years. Your family has moved four times since I started reading your blog.

Curtis Groom said...

So far the territories are very nice, it is very interesting how every community and territory has a completely different "feel". Their approach to hunting, education, and
financial management are remarkably different in each community.
As for moving around, ususally in training you get moved a couple of times. We were supposed to be assigned to Kangasujuaq "permanently" (meaning a couple of years) but after what the daycare did to Christopher we had to leave, so we just filled in at POV until A new location could be found. We expect we will be here for a couple of years, if not We'll be leaving the company, we have to settle in somewhere to have a normal life.

Unknown said...

Good luck! I hope it all works out for you and I am sorry we won't have the opportunity to run into one another over in POV this year.