Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here our Ferry sit upon the desolate Inuvik shore waiting for next June.
The river has stopped flowing meaning for the first time all you can see is ice across its breadth.
You can really work up a sweat in -16 weather.
Mommy dressed as the Camo witch.
Returning from battle

Hello Everyone,
Today didn't go as well as Christopher would have hoped. The school had a Halloween party that the kids had to earn, over the last 2 weeks the kids had to earn 90 stars to go to it. Christopher was doing well but has been struggling with bad behavior this week and missed his last chance at going today, so he didn't get to go to the party, and trick or treating was in grave jeopardy. However, he was able to maintain a reasonable standard this afternoon and was able to at least go out this evening.
On another note, today the river finally stopped flowing so the freeze up can continue unabated by current, so soon you'll be able to cross the river to Inuvik by ski-doo safely. This week several people went through the ice as the river rose due to the ice buildup down river. Everyone remained safe however, which is fantastic news.
Take Care

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