Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here's Christopher giving horsey rides to his favorite animal Tigger.

Hello Everyone,
Finally a picture, Ok so its exciting to me. Right now outside its dark, in a hour it will be dark, in three hours it will be dark... Ok I hope you get the idea. I really hampers my photographic attempts when all I can get picture's of is the lights of some vehicle going somewhere else. The weather has been very mild since we got here with only a couple of cold days, most days we sit around -30 with no wind, making for very comfortable walking, but its hard to dress for as its not quite cold enough for our parka's but too cold for the rest of our clothing, so the theme of most days is parka open when outside.
Our store is finally starting to recover from freeze up as we received our first shipments this week and we should have one more before the big day.
Christopher letter to Santa contained all the usual items, trains, sleds, cars etc with one exception that I guess the grandparents are going to have take care of. The kids letters were read on the radio and we soon discovered what was the surprise on Christopher's wish list. My son would like a helicopter, not a toy one, one like the one that brings the mail. Whoever takes care of this for us, could you please let us know the date of delivery so we can plan ahead and prepare a landing area, Thanks.
Hope everyone is enjoying the southern insanity of Christmas shopping, I'm done, thanks Ebay.
Take Care


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Wow, a real helicopter? That's hilarous. Have fun with that one! :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's any chance you could arrange a ride for him on the mail chopper? That would be so cool!!! and maybe you could convince him it was temporarily his? T :+)

Anonymous said...

If he manages to pull that off he has 2 cousins and an uncle that would like one also, please and thank you.
Take care,

Curtis Groom said...

Dear CKMS,
Thanks for the comment but it'll be a few years before Christopher can give Matt And Sam Horsey rides, never mind Keith. However he would be willing to let them ride in his helicopter once it arrives. I've cleared a landing zone south east of the store so he'll see it as soon as he gets up :)
Take Care