Friday, February 08, 2008

The truth about Global warming.

Hello everyone,
We live in the north, ergo its supposed to be cold however with global warming its supposed to be warmer right? Wrong, Today marked our 13th day consecutively below a natural -35 or a adjusted -44. Today peaked at -51. THIRTEEN DAYS, thats a long time for a cold streak, and according to the elders I was speaking to today, the last time would have been around 1968 (or by thier recollection around when TV came up north). The forecasts all call for temps in the low thirty's and have for the last 13 days. I wonder if this data is the data used to measure records and the overall warming trend that we are supposed to be undergoing. Daily, we get up look at the internet for the temp, then out we go. The difference arrive's when you actually look at a thermometer, the forecast have been overestimating the temp, without windchill by at least 8 degree's daily (Its not just one thermometer either they all agree to a single temp that varies from Eviroment Canada reports). Currently, they believe its -29... Not even close guys, its - 40 out there if its a degree. I can't finish writing this without going out and confirming...BRB.
Ok, I'm right and they are wrong, digital as well as "old" fashioned thermometers agree, Its damn cold out. Everyday, I go to bed hoping that they realized they are wrong and the temp they listed for tomorrow will actually be the begining of the warming but a new day breaks and the freezing continues.
Which leads me into the top ten things you learn in the real cold.
10. Frost is a creeping monster that grows in your home the longer the temp holds true, the back door to the store rests beneath 1 inch of ice frost that has spread around the door and walls. Locks freeze from the humidity in the air.
9. A can of pop at room temp will cool to a nice drinking temp in about 6 minutes outside. Ice cream will start to crystalize in about ten minutes. A can of pop will explode around 25 minutes.
8. Exposed or lightly covered skin will "smoke" consistantly for the amount of time you are outside. I wear light gloves to work frieght and after 20 minutes of work they are coated in frost to the point that they'll stand on thier own.
7. Polaris Ski-doo's can't handle temps below around -32, after that the starter spring stiffen to the point where pulling them is extremely difficult and pull cords snap under the pressure and cold. In this cold snap I've counted 3 frozen drive belts snap, 8 recoil rope's snap, 2 ignition coils freeze and crack and the screws holding my windshield to the sled have shrunk to the point where you can remove the windshield without any difficulties.
6. Frostbite will start to develop beneath well covered skin in about 25 minutes outside (Christopher is now limited to a 15 minute walk home).
5. Frost burns hurt and feel just like heat burns. A couple of days ago I opened a door with a metal handle with my bare hands and the pain still lingers strong when I make a fist.
4. If your fly is down, you'll realize it in about 2.5 seconds.
3. It takes about 2 more seconds to remove your gloves, zip up and reach for a metal handle to get back in.
2. Things that are broken outside at this temp tend to stay broken till the temp changes.
1. Lots of people find perfectly reasonable reasons to head a few hundred miles south for a indefinite period of time when its this damn cold.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

Would you prefer the tornadoes we've had down here in the South?

Curtis Groom said...

Actually your asking the wrong person, as the answer is a resounding yes, Yes I would. Living in tornado alley is probably the only way you could ever get me to move to America. Love to, but its still not enough to move there sorry.