Thursday, February 07, 2008

The end of Selections

Hello Everyone,
For those who are unaware the Northwest Company (my employer) ran a mail order catalogue for northern residents offering everything from houshold goods to gun and trapping supplies. Today it was announced that this catalogue will be disbanded. Its sad really, well maybe not sad, lets look at a recent conversation I had with a customer service specialist at our selections office.
"Hello, I'd like to check the status of one of my customers orders.
ME: Here's the name and reference number.
CSS: Ok I have the order for this person for these items.
ME: We'd like to know when it was shipped.
CSS: Ok, this order hasn't been shipped yet.
ME: Is it out of stock?
CSS: No, it appears to be instock. Maybe we haven't recieved payment yet?
Me: Payment was sent five months ago, here's the transaction #.
CSS: Yes, I see we cashed that now, ohh there's a note on the order, that must be the reason.
ME: Whats the note say?
CSS: RUSH ORDER confirmed for delivery for OCT 31 before freeze up.
ME: So maybe thats not quite the reason that we haven't recieved it yet.
CSS: Yeah, thats probably not slowing it down.
ME: So any idea when you plan on shipping this product?
CSS: Oh I see it now, we cancelled the order.
ME: why? and did you refund the customer, or tell him?
CSS: I have no idea why we cancelled the order, maybe the item was out of stock. We didn't refund the customer and I don't think we informed him, there's a note here saying the store should inform him.
ME: And was the store told this?
CSS: Probably not.
ME: and what about the refund?
CSS: No, we didn't refund the item, Do you think the customer would like a refund.
ME: Yes, I think he might want either his product or his $500.00 back. BTW can you check if the product is actually out of stock?
CSS: Yes, I just looked it up, we get it direct from the manufacturer so its never out of stock.
ME: So any other idea's why we might have cancelled the order?
CSS: No.
Me: How about processing that refund for me right now?
CSS: Done, Thanks for calling"

I swear before the almighty that this is how the conversation actually went. I'm sure I could have gone on for hours with her like this if that had been my inclination but the subject matter was starting to bore me, and realizing I wasn't going to get any answers I decided to count my loses and get out while I still could.
Good-Bye selections, here's to better days.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

After one of these conversations, you always wonder if you are the only one shaking your head over the stupidity of it. Did the other person ever "get it"?
See it doesn't just happen in dealings with the gov't.
Glad to see you back up and posting...
Take care,

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO (and my co-workers are looking at me like I'm crazy :+)
Now you've got me wondering how your conversion with this poor custome will go. As you inform him the company cancelled his order - but decided they might just like to keep his money - as a thank you for playing?

Have a good weekend all!
Smiles & Chuckles,
T :+)

Curtis Groom said...

I know what time it is there and your not at work, your at home alone, maybe you should see a doctor about those "co-workers" :)
Take Care.... A lot of Care,

Curtis Groom said...

Oh yeah and as for how I intent to tell the customer.... Actually I didn't, since he still wants the item and he already missed the fishing for freezeup, I figured I order the product for him from the manufacturer directly send them the payment and just give him the difference. So thats been done and it should arrive soon. So after 6 months he has some extra money and his nets should be here for thaw :)

Anonymous said...

Bubble wrap taped to the wall about head level is a great way to alleviate the frustration of those conversations. Bang away!