Sunday, May 04, 2008

-1 and Rising

Hello Everyone,
We are entering that time of year where we once again become a island upon ourselves. Our ice road has become soft and there are frequent call to save vehicles from the slush and snow that are bogging them down. The store is done with freight for the next month or so, with one small exception, our bread didn't arrive in time. This means we're flying it in fort MacPherson, then I'm going to have to figure a way across the ice to go and get it to return it to my store. It just figures that the one time the bread shipment is late is when it can't be late. Our last shipment came in on Friday, I was notified on Wednesday that Canada post is refusing to use the ice road so we're back on a fly in schedule of once a week. Our store is a little better stocked than we were for freeze up as we rented the office next store and now actually have a overstock area larger than a closet. My FT employee has left town for break-up and is working in Inuvik so for the next month its me, all me. I have lots of work to do sorting and organizing the 6 tonnes of freight that I currently have stacked to the ceiling in the back room.
Break up will last till somewhere in the first week of June, at least it was on schedule to fill this requirement before our last cold streak, on Thursday we were on 48 hour notice of closure but now with the cold snap we may have time extended till Wednesday thereby pushing back the date when the ferry can hit the water.
Take Care

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Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I'm so happy you're back! I didn't know how long you would be gone so I took your link off the blog but it's going back now! Your little community seems to be in the paper everytime I look. I even saw you quoted about the jamboree in last week's paper!