Sunday, August 03, 2008

America the Beautiful and the next 170 days

Hello Everyone,
This morning while doing my usual news surfing I encountered a little story that piqued my interest. I know I should be talking about some freak on a bus but why bother, he doesn't deserve the time we give him. The story that interested me was that the US courts have upheld their unrestricted power to seize any computer at the border they want to without any warrants or just cause under the homeland security act. What really struck me about the article in question was a very literate reply from someone who identified themselves as Johhny Craptree:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I understand that there is a "border exception" but that was not in the original intent. No exceptions to man's natural rights exist, nor can they be taken away, or shortened, or given "exceptions" by any form of legitimate government.

They found "extremist Jihadist literature"? so if they randomly start searching our homes and find the Qur'an in your home is that extremist jihad literature? and does it matter?

We have a fundamental right to publish, and own documents of any nature, whether the government would like for us to own them or not.

Any society who gives up liberty in exchange for security, will lose both and deserve neither."

I don't want to get into the evils of George W Bush, OK I lie, I do want to discuss this raving lunatic. It is 170 days until this man must be replaced, Man, feels like a long time coming doesn't it? I realize he lead his country through one of the most difficult times of American history but at what cost to American "Freedom". That which he attempted to preserve he has desecrated and destroyed. The government may without warrant or proving suspicion; read your email, seize your property, detain you, forbid you entry to the country, forbid your exiting the country, forbid your riding on airlines, whisk you away to be tortured by some foreign power, lock you in prison with no legal recourse indefinitely and basically any damn thing they want. These laws were institute to deal with a very complex problem the likes of which America had never seen before on their shores, but the reaction to this has denied everyone the very rights they are trying to protect. In some small way, I feel for George W, but not for long. I can still remember when his behaviours were a embarrassment to his fathers office and yet somehow he was able to be spun into a leader. I mean seriously, Americans wanted to impeach Slick Willy for his antics in the White house and yet they give this yahoo a second term, I mean come on, did anyone believe this was a good idea? I know he certainly didn't receive the popular vote during his first election, but who can explain the second when he actually won the election fairly? I just hope for the future of Americans, that his successor might be able to undo some of the damage this embarrassment has done both at home and abroad. I feel for you America, I really do, your constitution has certainly taken one hell of a beating in the last 8 years, lets hope the liquid paper is still as handy as it has been the last few years.
Goodnight America, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

I came across this in my RSS feed (desperately trying to catch up) but I did want to respond to this rhetorical question.

Just remember that idiots reproduce much faster than educated, affluent people. This is how Bush got his second term: redneck and other assorted morons have the distinct talent of reproducing as fast as possible, spawning equally uneducated children who will continue to vote for the most gun rights and the fewest immigrants. Affluent, hard-working, upper middle class people will never gain the upper hand in this country because we cannot shoot out children and are not okay with living in trailer parks with no insurance. It's an issue of standards in this country.

GW did do one good thing for us -- he assured, as least as far as I can see, that we will NEVER let this happen again. Of course, never say never, but there are a hell of a lot of people cheering Obama on this time, and I think that says something about how disgusted people are.

Anonymous said...

I typed out this long response to this entry and then Blogger crapped out on me (figures).

A lot of people have asked this (rhetorical) question about GWB's second term. I am completely convinced that he was re-elected because America has a funny way of punishing educated people and allowing low income people to reproduce like bunnies and feed off the system. These people, who statistically are big fans of guns and hateful of immigrants, will always vote for the biggest retard running. Unfortunately educated people cannot pop out children as quickly as people who will live in trailers and let their children run around with no shoes on and cash in their welfare checks. It's an issue of standards, and there are way more morons across the country than educated people.

One thing that GWB has done for us has turned a lot of people toward someone (Obama) who would NEVER have so much support if Bush had not fucked up so bad. This country has gone to absolute shit and I sure hope that such misfortune in the administration has disgusted people enough to change it. Even then, retards will vastly outnumber people who make careful decisions and work for a living. After all, cashing in food stamps and living in a lean-to and stealing cable is much easier than holding how a job and having to pay for things.