Thursday, August 28, 2008

A evening upon the river

This is the boat landing below the church, the view is of the Dempster road from Fort MacPherson approaching the ferry crossing.
Albert my friend and guide for this trip up the MacKenzie to his future homesite.Just try taking pictures's between waves on a windy night. Ain't as easy as Paris Hilton, let me tell you.
This fish goes by many names, a alligator fish, jack fish, pike, lunker, boney piece of s>*t that fights like a mother,
Most of these picture's need to be clicked on to really show the fall colors.
Take Care
PS. Palin...Palin... Man, that's one guy who doesn't want to be assassinated (Hopefully America forgets about the heart attacks and age. Reagan taking a nap seems like a pleasant alternative). Talk about insurance.
PPS. Happy Anniversary to me.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of fish is that? It's a big one.