Sunday, September 21, 2008

School and other things.

Christopher's classroom.
His desk is the one in the corner closest to the camera, with no children around him. His best friends desk is the one on the opposite side of the room. This is also a different desk placement than they chose on the first day of school.... Hrm. Strange how these things just seem to move, I seem to remember steadily making my way to the front of the class during my studies as well, but even I never achieved the Full Monty in two weeks. This is the grade one and two class, seven students.
This is the kindergarden class in the opposite side of the primary class room. Christopoher's old Alma Mater.The senior class room, grades 6, 7 and 8. Four students.This is a strange fog that rolled in early last week. And I mean a wall of fog. blow up this image to see the sheer volume of the fog, it blew threw in less than ten minutes.The secret to great art is in deep planning. Here Christopher is sketching his next masterpiece, to be painted on a shirt. This event was part of his wellness weekend events.
Santina.Another key to brilliant art is attention to detail.
Here you can see Christophers focus upon his work.
And here is Christopher losing focus.
Sometimes you just need a break.
Time to draw up a new plan.
Some idiot wrote the last one on a shirt thats covered in paint.Christopher has a critial eye towards his mothers work.
Just a bit more planning to avoid that mess that mom is creating.
Apparently the key is to a color palette that contains all the colors.
Then you just have to brush them on and they'll sort themselves out.
The semi final result is...
Hello Everyone,
We'll see the final results of both efforts tommorrow hopefully.
The weather has been hovering around zero for the last few weeks, we has some snow last week but unfortunately the last few days have been raining consistantly so thats not good news to a early freeze up. It is now official, Christopher has lived more of his life north of 60 than south of it, I don't know what it means but I found it interesting. As you can tell I'm currently struggling to write in this darn blog with any regularity, seems when I have time I don't have interest, when I don't have time, I have focus, hopefully it will work itself all out when we get through this season change. I find this to be the worst part, adjusting to the daily reduction in light and resetting your body from 24 hours of light to ever decreasing levels of light. Maybe I should just turn this into a photo blog anyways.
Take Care


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Nothing wrong with photo blogs, especially when there's nothing to blog about. Christopher looks so grown up in those pictures! He looks like he's going on 8.

Anonymous said...

Happy First Day of Autumn!

So if I understood right - the kindergartens/gr1/gr2 all share a room that appears to be separated by a bank of computers? Oh my - imagine the distractions! I don't blame the poor kids :+)

Photos are always appreciated!
T :+)

Megan said...

I love photo blogs, and your pictures are great.