Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Stranger Amoung Us.

   Hello everyone,
   My home has been invaded, compromised, infiltrated, my thoughts are no longer my own and frankly it creeps me out.You see I have a WiiFit program.  This thing is just too eerie, all it is a board that sits infront of your TV and connects via wireless to your Wii, no visable camera's, microphone's or any other nefarious device's that are apparent.  Yet the device can do things it has no capacity to measure, when doing Yoga it knows when I start to breath through my mouth, it knows when I use a item for support while doing strength exercises and I invited this stranger into my home.  What else is this incredible device doing, reporting my eating and television viewing preference's to big brother?  Influencing my political leanings while asleep, making my hair grow while I'm not looking. All of these things are currently of concern to me and undergoing rapid changes...  and I paid a lot of money for this device, simply cause the dark season is coming up and I wanted to lose 25 lbs. For this computer databases all over the world are filling up with intimate data about my life, I think it might even be making me a little paranoid.
   Seriously though, this is one cool little device that I am certain will allow me to reach my goals when actually going outside doesn't appeal to me, and a video game does.
   Take Care


Megan said...

That is pretty cool. We have been thinking about getting one, so you will have to report back on how well it works.

Matthew & Michele said...

Michele and I played with a
Wii for the first time last week.

I'm still sore.

We'll end up purchasing one.