Sunday, December 07, 2008

In regards to Jessie

"OK, cool bike, but you think this'd be comfortatble LA to NY, even with travel peg's?
I mean Come On, riding through the arctic with windchills of -5o or going to bed in LA with this lady?

Reader submited comment:
Someone left a comment that contained some personal info I didn't want to share.
The edited comment is was "hi i'm from Inuvik and I work for the guy riding with jeesie plus I'm on the ice road crew, it took us 4 days to open the road to tuk we finished last night about 11 pm and jessie and the crew were camping out in tents about half way last night ."
Ok, all sarcasm aside from Jessie's journey, I'm thrilled to hear they have progressed so far successfully. And I'm sure the people of Aklavik and Tuk are very impressed that this event not only will bring attention to their communities but will also open their road that much earlier.
Still I must return to my original point. What the hell possesses someone to ride a motorcycle at speed through wind chills during temps that sit around -30 to begin with. Man, that's a whole new sort of tough, And I was surprised to learn from this reader that they are sleeping on the land. Fantastic, I wish more people could experience this to gain a better understanding of the trials of the native people of the northern regions.
Ok. so Jessie is tough, but I will return to my original argument.
1. You are a millionaire
2. You go to bed every night with Sandra Bullock
3. Riding the Baja or the Drakar is very tough but won't kill you as fast as the Arctic.
4. Ok, who are we kidding lets go back to #1 or #2 and ask a basic question. What in the hell made you ever think going to the far north and riding a bike through one of the most desolate reaches of civilization, when you could be in a bed in California with Sandra Bullock watching your bank account grow, Not a tough decision for me...
Take Care
P.S. If I've offended you in some way Jessie, I'd love for you to drive down here and punch me in the face. As long as my wife gets to take picture's, no law suit, no retaliation, just satisfaction for both of us. If I haven't offended you enough, then please let me know what your tender spot is and I'll do my best.
P.P.S. I wish I could write about you every day, I mean, Man, Google searches for you are almost as interesting as searches for your wife.
Take Care, take a lot of care.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I was in Tuk when Jessie arrived. At first I was "wow he is actually here" then he gave a bottle of JD to the mayor of Tuk! I was not amused. He did this in front of all the adoring youth fans, and on top of that he added "Now, this is what you really need!".
None the less, I was quite pissed that someone those Tuk kids look up to would make it seem like alcohol is a cool thing. It's bad enough when more than half the inuit population has addiction problems. Many of which is alcohol abuse! Shame on Jessie!!

Unknown said...

"Jesse James is a dead man" That's why. Hi, Ever hear of a cable show called "Fight Science or Sports Science"? Jesse's own production Company & Base Production are filming a show where Jesse does death defying events. He's done the Baja 500, 9g's in a f-14, top fuel motorcycle and been set on fire, so far. It will air in May on SPIKE TV. I hope that helps. Noodles

Anonymous said...

You sound like a red headed step child that got beat to much with alot of jealousy! Grow up! Get a new pic, that one is pyscho! All people from here are usually good people , u not from here and don't sound like u should be from here commenting on a trip that u don't even know all the facts about. Like the distance and were they rode. 180 km's , Inuvik to Tuk, just to help you out to complain. Lay off the why he did it, he needs no reason! Did any explorers really need a reason to do something no one has done?

Curtis Groom said...

I don't even know where to start with this one... I guess some people are so enamoured with celebrities that their behaviuor or contributions (or lack there of) are irrevealent. I recieved more comments about this post than any other, most were unprintable but I find it strange that the posting between the two Jessie postings was about the future of the Canadian government. But our attention is more focused on a TV star? I recieved comments from people working with Jessie, people who has worked with Jessie and then just insane fans. I chose not to publish most of them as They were uncomplimentary and frankly I'm sick of talking about this guy, he is irrevealant, the next time you see him will be once again when he is paid to come here.
I'm done with discussing Jessie.