Sunday, December 07, 2008

What makes a person successful? Intellegence???

Hello Everyone,
The man pictured above is Jesse James. He claims to be a descendant of the "real" Jesse James. He is married to Sandra Bullock. He is worth a few million dollars and designs some very nice bike's. He is also apparently a monumental idiot.
So how does one,become a millionaire as a mechanic, marry one of the most beautiful women in the world, when they are so astoundingly stupid that they are incapable of understanding how a globe or calender works? I work hard, I think hard, I have tattoo's, why is he getting all the action while I sit up at 12:30 pm watching Lost and resenting the worlds biggest idiot?
Sure, He obviously has a level of genius, His bike's are beautiful works of art (that unfortunately I'll never own), but lets deal with the fundamental truth of a civilized society. If you tattoo "pay up" on your right palm your genius might be questioned. Maybe its a matter of a idiot savant?
Let me get to the heart of the matter, Jessie James is filming a show for the Discovery network. It involves him riding a bike from Aklavik to Tuktoyaktuk. Now this might be a interesting idea, the Dempster highway is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. However, the road from Aklavik to Tuk is not the Dempster, and this is not summer, this is a ice road, and he arrived on Friday to embark upon this journey... from California. His bike arrived on Thursday, a beautifully decked out BMW, Once it arrived 1.5 inch spikes were installed on the tires. The road to Tuk is over 300 km's from Aklavik, and is made usually of ice.
The temp in Thursday was -32 with no wind. The engine on one ski-doo, the oil was too thick to allow the engine to run, and when it was running it could never warm up enough to continue running, the starter cable on the other snapped with the cold, . Now lets review, we have a California boy, arriving in Inuvik to ride his Beemer 350 km's across one of the most treacherous roads in the world. This is absurd, but achievable for the right person... except for one little thing, the road to Tuk won't be completed for another three weeks. Unless this superman can fly, his trip is doomed to failure, unless he plans to take more than three weeks on the land and sea reaching Tuk, which is equally absurd. Mr. James is about to learn a very hard lesson from mother nature, she is the meanest mother on the planet bar none. If he left with ten fingers and toes, he'll be damn lucky to come back with them.
Here's your sign.
Take Care

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