Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its Hot... Damn Hot

Hello everyone,

I had a couple questions on FB examining the veracity of my claim yesterday that it was 42.9 C here in the frozen North. Seems Enviroment Canada believes it to be 24. And this thermometer is in the shade for crying out loud (this ia one of three thermometers giving the same reading including a digital calibrated infrared thermometer). Someone please kill me. Welcome to the Arctic.
Since my wife was inquiring after reading this post, when you add the current 44% humidity that works out to 57.7 C or 136 F.
Take Care
P.S. We are currently cooking a egg on the balcony, literally.
P.P.S. The cooking failed, it evaporated faster than it cooked. And I think a raven or two might have had some dinner.


Superu said...

And to think, folks down here in New England are complaining about temps in the 90's F. Love your blog btw. Glad to see it's still going. :)

Unknown said...


Holy smoking kraft dinner, that's hot for the chic or anywhere else for that matter.

Stay cool


Curtis Groom said...

Hey Indigo,
How was your trip, I`ve always wanted to take the queen Mary around the world, maybe someday. did the cheque arrive OK, I was delayed due to not having your address to process the return.
Take Care

Unknown said...

Ciao from Italy