Wednesday, October 06, 2010

5 Years in the Arctic

  Hello Everyone,
    Melissa, Christopher and I have now been in the Arctic for over five years and over the last few months I've been ruminating on what that has meant to us as a family and as individuals.  Its lead to some interesting insights but those are fodder for personal rumination rather than fuel for the blog.  One thing I recently realized is that it takes a long time to know the Arctic, its not like a city where you can get a feel for the community by showing up to a few scheduled events because life in the Arctic does not have a schedule.  Many people ask about or visit the Arctic but they can never really know it because the people and life of the north does not follow a schedule, it follows seasons, it follows years but doesn't follow hours or days.
  You can fly to Repluse Bay in the summer and maybe you'll meet a carver and watch him work or maybe he'll be on the land for a month hunting, maybe you'll see a narwhal harvested, most likely though you'll wander around town as a outsider as amazing things happen around you without realizing what is occurring.  The people of the north are timeless and do not adhere to any timetable.
  Anyways, enough rambling.  Hope you like the photo's of our vacation this year where we drove to Dawson City, then to Whitehorse and return.
   Take Care.

  P.S. Apparently I take too may photo's.  This is just the first leg of the journey, Tsiigehtchic To Dawson, more tomorrow.


Megan said...

After five years in the Arctic, you MUST be David Hasselhoff. :)

Curtis Groom said...

You know from anyone else I would have taken that as a insult. From you I will just consider it a very high compliment. Thanks

-N- said...

I love your photos. Keep them coming!

Jennith said...

Gosh - the Yukon is stunning in the fall.... Thanks for sharing.