Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Training

Hello Everyone,
Well, We've been here for 4 months almost and my training has been very slow and remidial so far. Last week I met with the regional manager and vice president to discuss my training and review what we've done so far. Thankfully they agreed that its time to step things up and get a larger picture of whats happening through all aspects of the stores. The bad part is that also means this week I've been in the quickstop making pizza's and cooking chicken all week. Its like I'm 17 and working in mcD's. I'm still managing but frequently have to step in and do the cooking when th staff don't show up. My last week has been either cooped up in a 100 degree kitchen or outside in -40, its hard to get comfortable. However It's nice to be moving forward again, I spent three months in grocery and could have learned everything I did in 2 weeks, the rest of it was just being a stocker, sure its fine and relaxing but not progressing me towards my goals. After Christmas I'll be moving to the offices which I'm sure will be ery frustrating as well, sitting all day and working on numbers... Oh well this is the price we all pay
Take care

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Anonymous said...

"underemployed" was a term I hadn't heard until I started reading some of these blogs from the North. This seems to be a common feeling from the southerners that make their way up there. I am sure in time one adjusts, whether that is truly a good thing or not who knows.
Take care,